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8 Do Duc Duc, arrondissement Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi
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Chef Jean François Nulli :

Jean Francois was born in the city of Saint-Raphael where he was brought up and he commenced his career in the kitchen at the age of 16. His culinary journey started as commis at the restaurant Le Sémillon 2 Forks Michelin. Chef Jeff, as he like to be called, has worked in many Michelin star restaurants throughout his life, all over the world, from Norway to Monaco and from Uruguay to Macau. He worked closely with a few of the most renown French chefs there are, who showed him the ropes of the job. Jeff always had a natural interest to discover new cultures and that reflects in his signature cooking style.
During his travels around the world he developed his senses and diverted his vision on the mostly traditional taught French cuisine. As a good chef serves, Jeff soaks up culture and usually finds his inspiration for cooking in all experiences he has during his travels. His approach embraces to use locally sourced fresh products hand in hand with premium French quality produce to meet his expectations to create exquisite meals. Before moving to Hanoi he lived in Macau, to discover the Asian flavors. He rapidly picked up the Asian taste and started to develop his own style using the best of two worlds.
Although Jeff has strong foundations in the French Cuisine, he knows how to bring a modern approach through surprising textures and enlightening dishes with balanced flavors to be found at French Grill restaurant.”


Tuna Carpaccio - Carpaccio cá ngừ
Quail Egg + Gazpacho Sorbet/ Trứng cút + Kem súp cà chua lạnh
Seared Foie gras - Gan vịt áp chảo
Pistachio + Cherries + Beetroot/ Hạt hồ trăn + sơ ri + Củ dền
Pumpkin Veloute - Súp bí đỏ
Passion fruit sorbet / Kem tuyết vị chanh dây
Sea Bream - Cá tráp
Capsicum jam + Polenta « Fries » / Mứt ớt chuông + Bánh cháo ngô
Tajima Wagyu Tenderloin - Thăn nội bò Tajima Wagyu
Seasonal garnish + signature sauce / Đồ ăn kèm theo mùa + sốt đặc trưng
Chocolate Fondant - Bánh sô cô la fondant
Vanilla ice cream / Kem vani

Prix : 2.500.000 VND ++


publié le 15/03/2018

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