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“Fusion food” is the most appropriate term that should be used to describe the culinary style of Benjamin Rascalou, Executive Chef of La Badiane*.

Benjamin has been worked and travelled across various countries to learn about the culinary arts of different cultures all over the world, particularly India and Mediterranean countries. For him, cooking is not simply a job, it is actually a journey of discovery, combination and creativity related to “fusion food”. At La Badiane*, our customers often surprisingly interested in the distinctive combination of high-end French ingredients and local spices such as anise, pepper, chili, coriander, cinnamon, dill, ginger,…, which bring out the best of all flavors. They are, in his words, not a French dishes with a hint of Vietnamese flavor. In fact, Benjamin’s dishes are developed to the unique flavors by the harmonious fusion of differently culinary styles.

Chef Benjamin experienced several years of professional training in prestigious restaurants in the world such as Lutetia, Paris 75006, Paris 75008, L’Alcazar, Orelse, Le Taillevent,…before coming here in Hanoi where he finds the paradise of fresh spices. Benjamin and other chefs in La Badiane* sometime need to resort to more complicated cooking techniques than ones he used in the former restaurants. They have together created wonderful dishes that were ranked in the top 500 Asian restaurants and recognized by TripAdvisor through the “Certificate of Excellence” since 2011. They have accomplished all of these amazing works in the kitchen of La Badiane* that respectfully placed at the main entrance of the restaurant.


Amuse-bouche/Tiền khai vị

Terrine de foie gras de canard & duxelle de porcini, velouté d’artichaut à l’huile de truffle
Duck foie gras terrine & porcini duxelle, truffle oil artichoke cream
Pa-tê gan ngỗng ăn cùng nấm porcini băm nhỏ, súp a-ti-sô trong dầu nấm truffle

Entrée/Starter/Khai vị
Sphère de saumon mariné au paprika fumé & cocktail de crevettes façon mimosa, salade de betterave à l’aneth & vinaigrette iodée au citron
Smoked paprika salmon sphere garnished with mimosa shrimp cocktail, dill beetroot salad, lime iodized salmon egg dressing
Cá hồi ướp với bột paprika hun khói bọc tôm mimosa sốt cocktail, cùng sa-lát củ dền với thìa là trong sốt chanh trứng cá hồi

Plat/Main/Món chính
Filet de boeuf australien grille, poivron rouge roti à la Provençale & mousseline de pomme de terre au basilic, sauce poivre vert & Cognac
Grilled Australian beef tenderloin, roasted red bell pepper Provençale style, basil potato mousseline, green pepper & Cognac sauce
Phi-lê bò Úc nướng ăn cùng ớt chuông đỏ bỏ lò kiểu Provençale, khoai tây nghiền vị lá hung trong sốt tiêu xanh và rượu Cognac

Fromage/Cheese/Pho mát
Délice de chèvre trufffé, salade de roquette & chips au paprika fume
Black truffled goat cheese, arugula salad & smoked paprika chips
Pho mát dê nấm đen, sa lát rocket và khoai tây chip vị ớt xông khói

Dessert/Tráng miệng
Crumble de pommes caramélisées au sel de Guérande, Chantilly parfumée au Calvados
Caramelized apple crumble in « Guérande salt”, Calvados flavored Chantilly
Bánh táo ca-ra-men với muối Guerande cùng kem Chantilly hương Calvados.

990.000 VND


publié le 15/03/2018

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