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Salmonoid is located on the small Cao Bá Quát street, Ba Dinh, Hanoi. As its name, Salmonoid mainly serves fusion style dishes based on salmon, processed, elaborately decorated with all the enthusiasm of the chefs. It is an impressive point, hard to be faded in the heart of the guests.

With the open view in the accient French villa, full of cozy and polite, Salmonoid is definitely an exciting destination if you want to meet customers or simply a romantic date with your lover.


Soupe à loignon - Onion Soup with cheesy baguette and Salade Lyonaise- Lyonaise salad with poached egg, bacon, crouton
Súp hành và bánh mỳ nướng và Salad của người Lyon với rau xà lách, trứng trần, bánh mỳ crouton, thịt hun khói

Margret de canard- duck breast, mash potatoes with herb, orange sauce
Ức vịt nướng ăn kèm khoai tây nghiền húng quế và sốt cam


Crêpes aux bananes - Banana crepe for dessert
Bánh crepe chuối nướng đốt rượu Rhum

Prix : 540.000 VND

publié le 14/03/2018

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